Decentralized Waste Management and Agroforestry Solutions for Your Community

We are a newly established company currently based in Bali, Indonesia that is looking into possible solutions for tackling waste pollution and deforestation on the island and beyond.

Our Approach

Reforestation in the form of agroforestry is an integral part of our project
Biogas and Fertilizer

Production of High Quality Biogas and Liquid Fertilizer

Syntropic Farming

Reforestation by means of natural syntropy


Helping communities to manage their waste


Educating people in waste separation and agriculture


Using the organic waste for food cultivation

Waste Management

Creating a system to deal with plastic pollution

What is our track record

This section sure is not that impressive yet, but you have to start somewhere, right? 😉

Waste managed (kg)
Communities supported
Food produced (kg)
Biogas produced (kg)

What we set out to do


stop global warming at 2°C above the beginning of the industrial age and start cooling down the world again from 2040


start a movement that let's people get involved in different stages with our work and learns and evolves from their experiences so that we can effectively transition to a more balanced way of living


We believe that Humankind can live in balance with nature quite well so giving back what we take is just a natural thing to do

Everyone can participate at some level, so we appreciate every kind of help 🙂

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get involved. Just reach out to us and we will find a way to get you on board